You come across a new podcast that's kinda lewd, filled with things that should both be and not be offensive. Focus on guns, movies, pop culture, killing things, dead things, some music, especially grown men crying, ect.

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Cryptdix Everywhere!

I know you've been waiting for it, so here it is! We talk about everyones favorite subjects....cryptids and dicks!  Join us and guest Kelsay and listen to this shit sh...

Wood Yew Rather?

Would you rather wake up every day naked in the forest five miles from your home, or in your underwear at work? Nicky wishes he could wake up everyday naked in a publi...

SCP Deez Nutz

Very secret stuff. You may be on a list now....or not? What do I know? We talk about some entities, Kuma eats a bone, Zi gets confused. Its a whole ordeal, but its fun...

Guns and Gory Present: Evil Dead Movie Night!

This week the guys have a MOVIE NIGHT! We watch the 1981 cult classic Evil Dead, have a special guest, Jessica, and Nicky hogs down some glizzies!

Nicky is a Creep?

Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk and think you see Nick in the bushes following you? Theres a good chance that it WAS him, and you may able to join our cla...

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